Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 1

Day 1: Picture of yourself and 10 Facts

1. I can't go a day without at least one diet coke. McDonalds has the best and it's only a $1

2. I love all dogs. I would have one in a heartbeat if I could. I am just not home enough to care for it.

3. I am a quiet person. My job forces me not to be so I am working on that.

4. I love decorating. I am constantly finding things and rearranging and decorating my house.

5. There is nothing a glass of pinot grigio can't fix.

6. I am so not photogenic at all. I untag myself all the time from photos because I look awful.

7. Favorite color is pink. I buy things just because they are pink and sparkly.

8. The salesgirl at Express knows my name... I might have a little shopping problem

9. I love country music especially Carrie Underwood she's my fav.

10. I am still a hopeless romantic and believe one day it will happen for me.

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